Drilled pile systems

Pile-driving activities often cause vibrations and noise that can result in damage and nuisance. Drilled pile systems are a good alternative

Terr-Econ (injection) piles

Our Terr-Econ (injection) piles are available in two variants:

  • The Terr-Econ pile, which is formed in the soil so that the casing can be recovered.
  • The Terr-Econ injection pile, which is also formed in the soil so that casing can be recovered. During installation mortar will be injected.

Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to advise you on the best pile system for your project.

Terra-Son drilling piles

This is a pile that is formed in the ground and is installed vibration-free using an auger and with a lost tip. After the desired depth has been reached, a reinforcement cage or a prefabricated concrete core is placed in the pipe.

Terr-econ tubular pile 

The Terr-Econ tubular pile, in which the drill pipe stays in the soil as a permanent casing will be executed with a ‘mixed-in-place’ mortar husk, which facilitates drilling in packed sand layers and significantly increases positive adhesion (larger diameter and higher friction factor).

When piles are being driven, the vibrations can damage surrounding structures. If you want to prevent this, drilled pile systems are an excellent alternative. We use drilling tables with a high torque, which means that the piles are inserted quickly and efficiently. In combination with a vertical force on the drill pipe, our piles can be inserted even in highly resistant layers without vibration and by means of soil displacement.

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Driven pile systems

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Foundation designs

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Geotechnical advice

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