Expertise in driven pile systems

A good foundation starts with the right foundation technique. We work with the most modern applications and can recommend the best pile system for every type of soil.

Vibro-(combi) pile

The Vibro (combination) pile is a soil-displacing concrete pile that is formed in the ground, manufactured using a pile-driven steel auxiliary tube. The Vibro pile is the perfect solution when there are significant variations in the soil conditions due to the variable pile length and the generation of calendar data when the piles are being inserted. The Vibro combination pile has a prefabricated concrete core.

Prefab pile

The Prefab concrete pile is prefabricated and is a soil-displacing system that in principle can be used anywhere where vibrations and noises do not lead to nuisance.

MV pile

The MV pile is a steel pile or profile with the internal and/or external injection of grout. Among other things, Terracon uses the steel-pipe method for anchoring quay walls.



Like to know more about driven pile systems? Then feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to exchange ideas with you.

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